Rebellus cosmetics.
In the pursuit of living more conscious of our environment, customers demand companies for quality products that won’t pile on a landfill every three months or so. Rebellus Cosmetics differentiates itself by introducing clean ingredients and a commitment to reduce product waste with refillable packaging.
Rebellus cosmetics is a sustainable beauty brand based in California. Their service is mostly online but also carried in beauty counter stores. The audience is upper-middle-class women and men from 20 to 35 years old who value high-quality products that support modern-day consciousness without compromising their character.
I chose a gender-neutral color palette; a deep teal green, ochre yellow, and gold as the primary colors of the brand. The colors convey the richness of the products. I selected Mrs Eaves for an established look that communicates reliability and trust to customers. The logo is based on Baskerville through the familiarity of designer brands. I designed an editorial interface with a clean and spacious layout and infographics on how to refill makeup products. Visual language focuses on circular shapes to emphasize the cycle of reuse. The packaging is kept minimal and sleek. The serifs of Fertigo Pro match the customized logo style. Filson pro is used for readability in body copy.